1. A Guide To Hurricane Preparedness In Florida

    As mid-summer approaches, we Floridians find ourselves in a tough spot. Sure, hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin is already underway, but in reality, it is between the months of August and October that most locals are worried about a storm making landfall. Rather than waiting for a severe storm …Read More

  2. When To Contact A Florida Public Adjuster

    The very second that your home or business becomes damaged, whether that be because of a fire, a leak, or a storm, the clock starts ticking — and your insurance company is likely the one keeping a close eye on the clock. One of the most common causes for an insurance provider to deny a claim is be…Read More

  3. Florida Flood Insurance — What You Need To Know

    For most people in the United States, flood insurance is not something that is even remotely needs consideration. After all, most states in the midwest and west are in severe droughts for most of the year. In Florida, however, we are much more at risk of flooding events. In Florida, flooding can hap…Read More

  4. Mold — The Most Common Florida Home Damage

    When people tend to think about damages to residential and commercial properties in South Florida, it is easy for people to automatically start picturing the grips of a hurricane doing its best to rip a roof off of a home, but it is little known that hurricane are not the most common causes of damag…Read More

  5. Considerations To Make When Making A Property Damage Claim

    Considerations To Make When Making A Property Damage Claim

    As stated by Murphy’s law, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” — a statement that couldn’t be truer in regard to property ownership. Whether you own a home or a business, it is always at risk of becoming damaged. Damages can be a result of another person’s negligence, or something as …Read More

  6. What Is A Public Adjuster? Why Might You Need One?

    Public adjuster is a title that gets thrown around often — while a lot of people are still unsure of what they are and what they do. As public adjusters in South Florida, we see it fit to discuss in depth just what it is that we do, and how you could benefit from our insurance claims adjusting ser…Read More