As residents of Florida, we all understand that our weather can be incredibly unpredictable — beyond that of heavy winds and severe thunderstorms. Multiple extreme weather events may occur in a single year, threatening your property with damages and destruction. Whether it be a hurricane or a flood, your home is at risk of sustaining thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, in damages.

At Supreme Public Adjusting, it is our job to ensure that you are fairly compensated by your insurance company for the damages your home sustains during a natural disaster. What sets us apart from your insurance company’s claims adjuster is that we are focused on your rightful losses, not paying you a settlement like the insurance company, hence why we are loss adjusters.

Hurricanes & Severe Storms

One of the largest causes of property and household damages in the State of Florida area are results of gale force hurricane winds and intense tropical storms. The odds are that after a hurricane you will have damages to your home and that your insurance company will try to settle for the bare minimum settlement, underpay your claim, or deny your claim. Our loss adjusters can review your claim a second time, and being independent insurance adjusters, can leverage the insurance company to a better settlement.

Hail Storms 

If there is one thing that hail is notorious for it is causing extreme damages to Floridan properties. Hail damages almost always cost thousands of dollars in repairs, causing leaky roofs, damaging shingles, and breaking windows. If your residential property has been damaged by hail, we urge you to get in touch with one of our residential claims adjusters to review your storm damage claim.


Being that Florida has wet and saturated soil, it is not uncommon for flooding to occur after a torrential rainfall or a burst pipe. While it is usually a rather harmless occurrence, a flooded basement can ruin your day, week, and possibly your year. Unless you get the best possible settlement, that is. Let our loss adjusters help you.     

Lightning Strike

While extremely common here in the State of Florida, lightning strikes can be extremely damaging to your property. Typically resulting in fire, or destroyed electrical systems, lightning can cost you thousands of dollars, or your entire home. If your home is hit by lightning be sure to let our independent insurance adjusters take a look at your storm damage claim.

Are You Ready To Start Your Natural Disasters Claim?

If you are ready to make a natural disaster claim for the damages that your property has recently sustained, we urge you to contact us at Supreme Public Adjusting right away. We work closely with people who are:

  • Filing A Claim for The First Time – While it is usually a homeowners first thought to go straight to their homeowner insurance company right away to make their claim, we strongly suggest that you come to us instead. Your insurance company has experienced adjusters who’ll visit your property to do a damage assessment, but they’re generally looking to pay out as little as possible. The reality is, they’re looking out for the insurance company’s interests, and what they can save in payouts adds to their overall bottom line. A public adjuster works for you, NOT the insurance company, and will work to get you the largest possible insurance settlement for repairing your property.
  • Underpaid By Their Insurance Companies – Often times insurance companies will quote your settlement well below the costs of repair. Why do they do this? So that they can save money — even though their job is to save you money. If you wish to receive a fair settlement let our public adjusters take a second look at your claim so that you can get the settlement that you deserve.
  • Denied Outright for Their Claim – While it might seem terrible to be underpaid for a claim by your insurance company, it is even worse to be denied outright. If an insurance company doesn’t see the natural disaster damage to your home as worthy of repairs, they will deny your claim, leaving you with damaged property. Our team of experienced public adjusters can take a second look at your property, start a new claim that will look out for your best interests and ensure that you receive the maximum settlement in order to restore your home to its original state.

Why Supreme Public Adjusting?

As you’re likely inexperienced in navigating the many technicalities of a natural disaster damage insurance claim, you shouldn’t try to do battle with the insurance company on your own. Enlist the aid of a Public Adjuster, and you’ll be arming yourself with the knowledge and experience of a professional who handles hundreds of similar cases each year.

You’ve got enough to deal with when coping with the stress of your natural disaster damaged property. Leave the heavy lifting to Supreme Public Adjusting, someone you know is on your side, and rest assured that you’ll get the maximum compensation allowed to repair your property so things get back to normal quickly. Remember, no damage is too big or too small to file an insurance claim. Contract Supreme Public Adjusting now for water damage insurance claim help.

Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced residential claims adjusters. We will do our best to ensure that you get the settlement that you deserve for the natural disaster damages that have been sustained by your home.

Has your home been damaged in any of the above severe weather events? If so, be sure to contact our experienced team of loss adjusters here at Supreme Public Adjusting for a property and claim evaluation.

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