Whether you are in an office or a free-standing building, your rental property or business location is your livelihood. When the unthinkable happens, whether that be a fire, a flood, or a storm, it’s essential for your insurance company to handle the costs of repair. Our loss consultants know how to work closely with you, and your insurance company, to both, assess the damages and find the quickest way to get your business running again — after all, your business is your livelihood, and ours is to help you get yours back!

From reviewing your policy to estimating your damages, our public adjusters make sure that all of the damages are assessed properly. When we examine your policy, we can tell what sort of protection you currently have, as well as assess the overall value of the property lost or damaged. This estimate includes all the necessary evidence to show your insurance company the extent of the damages. From there, we adjust your claim to maximize your settlement. It is our job as public adjusters to ensure that your Floridian business is properly valued so that you can get the settlement that you deserve, not the one your insurance company wants to give to you.  

How The Commercial Loss Adjusting Process Works

When your business is damaged as a result of storm damage, a natural disaster, fire damage, water damage, plumbing leaks, or mold, we urge you to get in touch with us right away. The way that most insurance companies operate is to try and close claims as a fast as possible while awarding less-than generous settlements. By contacting our Florida claims adjusting office right away, you can get a second opinion on the damages faster. After you have contacted us, one of our experienced public adjusters will visit your business location and asses the damages with the utmost detail. After the damages have been assessed, our public adjuster will provide you with an estimate, make sure you understand the estimate, and tell you what your options are moving forward. We get it, insurance claims adjusting can be a strenuous project, but it is our goal to quickly, and effectively, get you the money that you deserve for the damages inflicted on your business.

Don’t let an unexpected loss get in the way of your success. Get your business up and running again with our help. Our public adjusters take the time to report any issues that your insurance company’s adjuster may have missed, or perhaps had the lack of expertise to adequately identify. Allow us to help you receive the help you deserve to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Contact Supreme Public Adjusting today to learn more about our public adjusting services.

Are You Ready To Start Your Damage Claim?

If you are ready to make a damage claim for the damages that your business has recently sustained, we urge you to contact us at Supreme Public Adjusting right away. We work closely with people who are:

  • Filing A Claim for The First Time – While it is usually a business owner’s first thought to go straight to their business owner’s insurance company right away to make their claim, we strongly suggest that you come to us instead. Your insurance company has experienced adjusters who’ll visit your property to do a damage assessment, but they’re generally looking to pay out as little as possible. The reality is, they’re looking out for the insurance company’s interests, and what they can save in payouts adds to their overall bottom line. A public adjuster works for you, NOT the insurance company, and will work to get you the largest possible insurance settlement for repairing your property.
  • Underpaid By Their Insurance Companies – Often times insurance companies will quote your settlement well below the costs of repair. Why do they do this? So that they can save money — even though their job is to save you money. If you wish to receive a fair settlement let our public adjusters take a second look at your claim so that you can get the settlement that you deserve.
  • Denied Outright for Their Claim – While it might seem terrible to be underpaid for a claim by your insurance company, it is even worse to be denied outright. If an insurance company doesn’t see the damages to your business as worthy of repairs, they will deny your claim, leaving you with damaged property. Our team of experienced public adjusters can take a second look at your property, start a new claim that will look out for your best interests and ensure that you receive the maximum settlement in order to restore your home to its original state.

Why Supreme Public Adjusting?

As you’re likely inexperienced in navigating the many technicalities of a damage insurance claim, you shouldn’t try to do battle with the insurance company on your own. Enlist the aid of a Public Adjuster, and you’ll be arming yourself with the knowledge and experience of a professional who handles hundreds of similar cases each year.

You’ve got enough to deal with when coping with the stress of your damaged property. Leave the heavy lifting to Supreme Public Adjusting, someone you know is on your side, and rest assured that you’ll get the maximum compensation allowed to repair your property so things get back to normal quickly. Remember, no damage is too big or too small to file an insurance claim. Contract Supreme Public Adjusting now for damage insurance claim help.

We look forward to helping you get the settlement that you deserve. Your business has an impact not only on you but also on others in your geographical area — and we are happy to help you settle your claim so you can get back to business.  

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